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My Space: Ty White

Published January 2022 | In Winter 2021

Ty White’s infection prevention and control team touches every person at Monument Health, from patients and visitors to caregivers and contractors.

My Space: Ty White Media

The Infection Control team is responsible for the development, implementation and administration of infection prevention and control programs throughout all of Monument Health. They work with all of the organization's clinical teams to prevent health care associated infections. Infection control policies affect everyone from contractors and construction workers to caregivers, patients and visitors. Infection Control professionals are also experts on emergency preparedness. They have been on the leading edge of preparation and implementation of personal protective equipment guidance and protocols throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Role

As the Director of Infection Control for Monument Health, I lead a great team of infection preventionists that focus on decreasing health care associated infections. We cooperate with leaders all over the organization to help create the best health outcomes for everyone. 

My Goal

The ultimate goal is to eliminate all health care associated infections throughout Monument Health, and keep everyone in the health care environment safe. There are still improvements we can make as a community, but we continue to work on eliminating every preventable infection  that we can.

My Passion

What drew me to this position was the ability to make a difference in a lot of patients’ lives. We also get to play detective to find the source of infections, or what may be causing certain outcomes, and figure out the best way forward. Knowing that the things we work on and implement can keep a lot of people safe keeps me passionate about the job.

From setting standards for personal protective equipment to establishing transmission-based precautions that protect certain populations, our Infection Control team has your health and safety in mind.

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