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My Space: Betty Nettleton

Published April 2021 | In Spring 2021

After 32 years in a number of roles at the VA, Betty had more than earned retirement. But in the face of a pandemic, she returned to take on the role of vaccinator.

My Space: Betty Nettleton Media

My Role

It’s pretty simple — as a vaccinator, I get to put the COVID-19 vaccine in the arms of people that need it. It’s extremely cool, because I’m a big believer in vaccines, and people are very eager to receive one.

My Goal

If you’re able to help make a situation better, then you jump up and say, “I can do this!” I retired four years ago, and my husband — who works at Monument Health — told me they needed temporary vaccinators. I filled out the application, and here I am. I want to help all of us beat this pandemic.

To fulfifill this mission, Monument Health opened two large-scale vaccination clinics in Rapid City and Spearfifish with clinics administering the vaccine in Custer, Lead- Deadwood and Sturgis. Monument Health Rapid City Hospital serves as the central holding and distribution center for any COVID-19 vaccines shipped to western South Dakota. Monument Health ships vaccines to clinics in Bennett County, Fall River County, Philip, Kadoka and three Horizon clinics that operate in White River, Faith and Mission.

My Passion

As a nurse, to have people excited to get this shot in their arm is very rewarding. The patients I talk to have all been extremely complimentary about how well organized this process is, which is a huge shoutout to the people that set this all up.