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My Space: Brian Blenner

Published October 2021 | In Fall 2021

Monument Health's Safety Services team, led by Safety Services Director Brian Blenner, is working hard to ensure our caregivers and our patients are safe. This includes Life Safety as well as addressing Workplace Violence.

My Space: Brian Blenner Media

My Role 

As the Safety Services Director I wear many hats. I oversee policy, procedures and caregivers covering Life Safety, Emergency Management and Workplace Violence. My job is to support the safety of all caregivers and patients to promote a safe work environment. Safety Services is made up of two divisions. The first division, security, is composed of 28 security officers, four dispatchers, a supervisor and a manager.  The second division, Emergency Management, focuses on Monument Health's preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery in emergency situations.

My Goal 

Is to create a work environment where our caregivers and physicians feel safe while doing their jobs.

My Passion 

Is to serve our caregivers and community through compassion, innovation and trust to make every day better than the last. I served the Rapid City community for nearly 24 years as a police officer and school board representative, and now being able to serve the caregivers, physicians and patients at Monument Health is an honor. 

Monument Health has had a Workplace Violence Committee in place since 2017. This committee uses data to develop strategies to keep caregivers safe. Health care is unique because when workplace violence occurs there is a tendency to accept it as part of the job. People get into this business to care for others and if they decide to take action, the belief is they are hurting that person and not helping. We want all caregivers, current and future, to understand and feel comfortable in not accepting violent behavior as a norm.

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