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My Space: Patrick Sabrowski

Published October 2021 | In Fall 2021

29-year-old Patrick Sabrowski was diagnosed with autism before he turned 3. Despite his communication challenges, Monument Health’s partnership with Black Hills Works means Patrick has an important role to fill.

My Space: Patrick Sabrowski Media

Black Hills Works is a person-centered agency that helps individuals with disabilities set goals and provides education, experience and support as they work hard to achieve them.

Monument Health is proud to partner with Black Hills Works. Because of this partnership, 30 individuals have fulfilling jobs, and the health care system has valuable caregivers. This relationship is a win-win-win — it’s good for the community, good for the individuals employed and great for Monument Health.

My Role

In the 11 years Patrick has worked at Monument Health, he has tackled many different tasks — from folding towels that will be used for sanitation to pre-packaging medical supplies or filling new patient packets. Completing these jobs saves Environmental Services workers, nursing support and other caregivers valuable time, allowing them to focus on patients.

My Goal

Although Patrick communicates differently than others, it’s clear that he enjoys his job, finds it fulfilling and strives to accomplish as much as possible each day. Joe Sabrowski, Patrick’s father, says, “He wants to come to work, he wants to accomplish his tasks for the day. He really struggled when COVID-19 hit and he couldn’t come for a while.”

My Passion

Like many people, work is more than just a job to Patrick. “He has a sense of purpose,” says Toni Sabrowski, Patrick’s mother. “On days that he works, you can tell that he’s excited.” Joe adds, “Work is also a way for him to establish some independence and achieve something that’s his.” Patrick may not speak much, but when asked if he likes working at Monument Health, he smiles and says, “Yes! Thank you!”

Monument Health is the largest private employer that partners with Black Hills Works, and was presented with a “Proud Employer of People with DisABILITIES” seal in April 2021.

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