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My Space: Laura Holland

Published November 2020 | In Winter 2020

Patient Care Champions (PCCs) support clinical staff in providing excellent, effective and safe patient care. They have the opportunity to truly make a difference in patients’ lives. Every day.

My Space: Laura Holland Media

My Role

I take care of patients. I am there to take vital signs and walk with them. Sometimes we assist with their eating and hygiene needs, and we make sure they are comfortable and feel safe.

I am the support for the patient while they are in the hospital and a link between the patient and the nurse.

My Goal

I love making a difference in someone’s life every day, even if only for five minutes. That five minutes can be a game-changer in that person’s life.

Patient Care Champions greet patients and visitors, help patients with personal hygiene and the activities of daily life, assist patients during the admission, transfer, and discharge process, and provide general office support.

Caregivers can spend their entire careers as PCCs, getting to impact patients at the bedside each day. Some PCCs choose to go to nursing school or into other medical fields, using their experience in future roles.

My Passion

I help patients every day, and I like being that support person for daily comfort— and to be there when they need someone the most.

PCCs are companions, and we recognize that patients are human, and need our support. We are a shoulder to lean on or to provide company.

Patient Care Champions focus on finding ways to improve patient care and increase positive outcomes from the moment patients come through our doors.

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