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My Space: Joy Wilczynski

Published July 2021 | In Summer 2021

Paramedics and EMTs are emergency responders, but they also provide training and first aid in their communities. For Joy Wilczynski, caring for her neighbors in the Lead-Deadwood area has been her passion for over two decades.

My Space: Joy Wilczynski Media

My Role

I have been an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for 24 years, and I work on the ambulance in Lead- Deadwood. EMTs are first responders for accidents and also help in the Emergency Department when needed.

My Goal

To make sure my patients and coworkers feel safe. It’s also important to me to help make sure the patient and their family are getting the right help that they need at the time

They operate three ambulances and respond to calls in a 450-squaremile area covering Lawrence County and parts of Meade and Pennington counties. The team most often treats patients involved in ATV, snowmobile or ski accidents. Sometimes it can take the team three to four hours to get a patient to the hospital due to weather conditions and terrain. The paramedics respond to multiple traumas during a shift and work together to get the patients the care they need.

My Passion

I love my job and what I do for the community. I’m able to help people with medical emergencies, and I am always doing my best to make patients feel like they matter and that we are going to get them the help they need.

During their 24-hour shifts, Monument Health paramedics and EMTs work in the Emergency Department, provide community paramedicine, offer CPR training and provide on-site first aid for events happening in Deadwood.