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My Space: Elle Larsen

Published December 2020 | In Winter 2020

Monument Health’s Real Estate Department is working to transform the health care landscape of the Black Hills. This includes new buildings to ensure the future needs of these communities are met.

My Space: Elle Larsen Media

My Role

As the Real Estate Manager for Monument Health, I provide support for all things involving Real Estate to ensure we are meeting the ever-growing needs of our system and the communities we serve. Managing a large portfolio of owned and leased properties can look very different from day to day. My role also includes analyzing the total liability of a property, writing contracts, touring potential new spaces, following up on maintenance issues, and selecting the perfect piece of artwork. It is always an adventure!

My Goal

To positively impact the care our patients receive by providing spaces that are comfortable and functional for both patients and caregivers.

Monument Health increased its footprint in Rapid City with its most significant renovation and expansion project to date. The multi-year project includes opening the Orthopedic & Specialty Hospital in January 2019, and constructing the south tower at the Monument Health Rapid City Hospital. Combined, the two projects added 883,341 square feet of clinical and patient care spaces, with room for future growth.

My Passion

I am passionate about connection, both human connection and connecting with our surroundings. Working on our art program at Monument Health has allowed me to help create connections with our patients and visitors.

Seeing photographs that are welcoming and look like home allows patients to instantly feel a connection that will stay with them long after their visit.

In just two years the art committee added 632 pieces of art through 12 installations, featuring work by 30 different local artists.

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