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Volunteer Profile: Doris Ann Mertz

Published July 2021 | In Summer 2021

Whether it’s serving on the Monument Health Custer Advisory Board or helping provide the community with accurate information about COVID-19, Doris Ann Mertz is committed to helping Custer.

Volunteer Profile: Doris Ann Mertz Media

Doris Ann served on the Monument Health Custer Advisory Board from 2013-2019, helping to present the community’s needs to Monument Health and establishing trust between the two. Since then, she continues to do her part to improve life in Custer. Throughout the last year, Doris Ann helped sew masks and provided Custer residents with accurate COVID-19 and vaccination information.

Why do you volunteer?

I volunteer because I have a vital need to help others — to make a difference in some small way. When I see a need and know that I have the time and ability to help alleviate that need, I like to do what I can to help.

How did COVID-19 impact your role over the last year?

We had to find different ways to contribute because volunteer programs were suspended during COVID-19. I spearheaded a maskmaking effort in Custer, and volunteers in the community donated well over 1,000 masks to health care facilities and members of our community. It felt good to know that our efforts would help protect our neighbors and allow our nursing home residents to leave their rooms to socialize with other residents.

What makes the Custer community unique or special?

It’s our people and our true sense of community that make us special. Our doctors are not just our health care providers. They are our neighbors and friends, and they serve in various roles within our community. Our business owners support each other like no place I have ever seen. They seem to truly have a view that a rising tide lifts all boats. I also love that the long-term residents of Custer have accepted those of us who are latecomers and treat us as their neighbors. It’s not like that in all communities.

Monument Health’s mission is to make a difference. Every day. Our volunteers help us fulfill that promise for every patient.