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My Space: Kim Bloom

Published April 2022 | In Spring 2022

Kim has seen many changes in her 22 years within the laundry department — from new buildings to updated technology — but the one constant is Kim’s cheerful disposition, as evidenced by the notes she sends with orders.

My Space: Kim Bloom Media

My Role

As a laundry technician, I fulfill orders for our accounts in the Northern Hills, Southern Hills, central and in-town accounts. This means ensuring that proper linen counts are sent to the correct places in a timely manner. Some days are busier than others because we’re filling orders for the weekend.


My Goal

I really like to keep busy and I push myself to get my work done, and I don’t really like to ask for help. I enjoy doing the work, it really makes the day go by faster. Once I counted my steps and by the end of the day I had walked about five miles.


My Passion

I enjoy putting a smile on someone’s face each day. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life — maybe they are having a hard day — and they might just need some words of encouragement. That’s why I like to send notes with each order. They’re simply meant to give someone a little encouragement when they need it.

This includes sorting, washing, drying, folding and distributing as needed. On a busy day the laundry team can process up to 20,000 pounds of linens. As blankets and towels wear out and become tattered, they continue to provide comfort and care as they are donated to shelters and those in need throughout the Black Hills.

One of Kim’s notes she leaves for fellow caregivers.

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