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Volunteer Profile: Paul Winckler

Published December 2020 | In Winter 2020

Paul Winckler brings spiritual comfort and emotional support to those in need within the hospital community

Volunteer Profile: Paul Winckler Media

Pastor Paul finds joy in building relationships with patients and their families as they go through periods of uncertainty. “I hope this will help our community become a wonderful, caring place,” he says.

Why do you volunteer?

As a pastor, I spend a lot of time at the hospital visiting my own parishioners— almost on a daily basis. It became apparent that a lot of people outside our parishioners were looking for help and support as well. 

What is the role of a spiritual services adviser?

I make myself available to anybody who has spiritual concerns or desires a listening ear to talk about what they’re experiencing during their time in the hospital and discuss their hopes. For patients and family members, the health care system can feel strange and overwhelming. I give a personal face to their care.  

Hundreds of community members volunteer in various capacities at Monument Health locations throughout the Black Hills.

What do you hope to accomplish?

I just want to help and support the healing of the patient. Our medical personnel do such a tremendous job in caring for the health needs and concerns of the patient; I focus on whatever I can do on the emotional or spiritual side to help the healing process, preparing the patient for recovery and recuperation and whatever the future might hold.

Why should people volunteer?

It’s just so rewarding, in whatever capacity you can help and support— whether it’s significant amounts of time or short-term opportunities here and there, you get so much out of it—more than you give.

For more information about volunteering or how to get involved visit or call Volunteer Services at 605-755-8980

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