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Published December 2023 | In Winter 2024

Kelly Howie and his real estate team believe deeply in supporting the Children's Miracle Network — and showing others how they can, too.

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Leaving your community better than you found it — there’s something inside of us that flourishes when we have a hand in that. If you’re looking for a heightened feeling of gratitude and a greater sense of purpose, improving your community is a great place to start. It’s even more powerful when you’re able to see the effects of those changes. Kelly Howie and his team believe that everyone should make a point to discover that kind of special touchpoint in their community.

Kelly owns RE/MAX Advantage in Rapid City. He and the two broker associates on his team, Ashley and Kylie, discovered a cause they’re passionate about in 2018, when they were presented with an opportunity to make an ongoing impact in the Black Hills.

Upon the completion of every real estate transaction that the team is a part of — whether buying or selling — a donation is made to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) through the Monument Health Foundation.

Ashley Reed loves sharing the joy of generosity with her clients. “I have always felt that when you give to your community, your community gives back to you,” she said. “If you lose a sense of community, it just makes life a lot harder. So making sure that we have that sense of community and our clients have it too, has been amazing.”

Kelly and his team have earned the honor of being called Miracle Agents because of their dedication to the Monument Health Foundation and the Children’s Miracle Network. “By achieving the distinction of Miracle Agent, this team demonstrates their level of commitment to the health and wellness of the communities and families they serve,” said Shawn Powers, CFRE, Development Coordinator of the Children’s Miracle Network at the Monument Health Foundation. “Our youngest patients are very fortunate to have such strong Children’s Miracle Network champions in the Kelly Howie Team at RE/MAX Advantage.” 

Personal ties

Kylie McMullin explained that making these donations in their clients’ name is usually appreciated more than other gifts that real estate agents typically send their clients. “We always joke about sending things that people will never use or just shove into the corner. But because almost everyone has had a friend or family member who has been personally involved with the Children’s Miracle Network, we thought that investing in CMN would be something that would speak to every one of our clients.”

Kelly and his team started the process of determining the best way to give back to the community by looking for personal ties to organizations and causes. “I do have a personal connection to the Children’s Miracle Network,” Kelly said. “My son was in the NICU for a period of time when he was born, and seeing the staff work — they were just tireless; they’re amazing in that section of the hospital. And beyond that, what it does for the families of the children who are there — the access that it provides, the comfort that it gives to the kids — it’s incredible.”

Kelly and his team encourage others to look for those same sorts of personal ties in the community to know where best to invest and serve. “If you’re looking for some way to invest in your community, consider the Pediatric Unit at Monument Health. It has had a huge impact on us,” Kelly said. “Your donations stay local, and you know your gift is going to help make sure every child in our community has a chance at the best care possible.”

Written by Stephen Simpson

Photos by Bob Slocum

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