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Physician Profile: Joy Falkenburg, M.D.

Published December 2020 | In Winter 2020

When she isn’t treating patients, you can find Dr. Falkenburg working the soil and finding peace in the Healing Garden, located on the Monument Health Custer Hospital and Clinic campus.

Physician Profile: Joy Falkenburg, M.D. Media

My Role

I am a family medicine physician who has been with Monument Health’s Custer Hospital and Clinic for 20 years. As a leader in our organization, I also act as a mentor to our younger physicians on the Custer Care Team. I am a thought-leader by nature, so within our organization, I create a vision for both the Monument Health Custer facilities and the Custer community at large.

My Goal

To live my best life, which means spending quality time with my children, being in the garden and being with my patients. I’m always striving for balance and focus in life, and I want to bring love, commitment and authenticity to every one of my relationships. 

Dr. Falkenburg is a family medicine physician, which means she treats patients of all ages. Physicians in the Custer Clinic treat a large variety of patients, from prenatal patients to palliative, end of life care. Family medicine physicians such as Dr. Falkenburg take care of patients throughout their entire lives, guiding them on their wellness journeys. In addition to working in the Custer Clinic, she also sees patients in the Custer Hospital and works in the Emergency Department.

My Passion

My true passion is to be a healer that achieves interconnectedness with every patient, as well as the community around me every day. I want people to feel listened to, and to feel like they have a clear path to solve any problem. By the end of our conversation, I want them to feel less vulnerable. I also try to leave the discussion or conversation feeling like my own cup is filled as well. 

The Healing Garden is a continuing project of Dr. Falkenburg, and is dedicated in memory of local resident and benefactor Delmer Brown.

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