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Provider Profile: Sarah Schryvers, CNP

Published January 2024 | In Winter 2024

The Hot Springs community is multi-generational — there are families whose ancestors homesteaded in the area. Sarah Schryvers, CNP, enjoys caring for these families, from grandparents to their grandchildren.

Provider Profile: Sarah Schryvers, CNP Media

My Role

As a certified family practice nurse practitioner, I provide primary care for patients of all ages, managing chronic conditions and promoting wellness through education and prevention. I’m passionate about improving my patients’ quality of life and empowering them to be active participants in their own health.

My Goal

I strive to provide high-quality medical care to the people of Hot Springs and the surrounding area. We see patients from Nebraska, Pine Ridge, Buffalo Gap, Edgemont and even from Wyoming. I grew up in a rural South Dakota community and understand the challenges and benefits of providing care in this type of community.

My Passion

We are an hour away from Rapid City, so it can be very difficult for people to travel there for appointments. This is why I’m passionate about providing care in a rural
setting. As the Diabetes Champion at Monument Health Hot Springs Clinic, I provide a diabetes clinic with a Certified Diabetes Educator twice a month. My goal is to help people with diabetes experience a high quality of life with a disease that requires constant monitoring. Any chronic disease can be overwhelming, and my goal is to help people lead lives they enjoy, instead of letting the disease rule their life.

"I enjoy teaching the next generation of nurse practitioners. My patients have been gracious enough to allow these students to learn in nour clinic. I have provided over 2,500 hours of precepting to these students, and have found it very gratifying."

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