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My Space: Sarah Wolfe

Published November 2022 | In Fall 2022

Guest Services delivers high-quality, nonclinical patient care in Monument Health’s hospitals so providers can focus on offering exceptional clinical care.

My Space: Sarah Wolfe Media

My Role

I see to the nonclinical needs of our patients and their loved ones while they are waiting to see a doctor in the emergency room. I guide a patient’s support person to the right rooms, help guests find their way around, provide comfort or distraction items or simply offer a listening ear when it’s needed. I also help people find services outside the hospital, such as contact information for taxis, hotels and pharmacies, among many other things.

My Goal

My goal is to provide an informative and caring environment for our hospital’s guests and make them as comfortable as I can while they wait. I want to provide comfort to our guests, even if it is just for a few moments. A personal goal of mine

is to expand my knowledge base and further my education.

My Passion

I strive to help our patients and guests emotionally who may be in a state of panic, pain or anxiety. We come in and give that little extra love and attention to the patients and their guests to make them more comfortable. I find that rewarding.

Monument Health Guest Services provides a welcoming atmosphere and promotes a patient- and family-centered approach to care. These caregivers offer a variety of vital, nonclinical services that include helping guests find their way around the hospital and providing patients and their guests with important information, support resources and programs. The services offered range from welcoming people as they enter the hospital to parking guest vehicles.