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Physician Profile: Charles Lewis, D.O.

Published January 2022 | In Winter 2021

Dr. Lewis has built his family medicine practice over three decades — and he’s excited to see it stay in the family.

Physician Profile: Charles Lewis, D.O. Media

My Role

I have been in family practice in Sturgis since July 1984 and have been the Community Medical Director since the origin of that position.

My Goal

My short-term goal is to move into the Monument Health retirement pathway next July when my daughter, Dr. Sarah Lewis joins our practice. I will continue to practice until March 2023 when I will fully retire on my 72nd birthday. My long-term professional goal has been to recruit and retain a group of quality physicians and advanced practice providers to serve the Sturgis area after my retirement. My hope is that Sturgis Hospital and Clinic continues as a staple in the community, providing high-quality care for generations to come. After retirement, my wife Judy and I plan to remain in Sturgis, enjoying our family, friends, the outdoors and doing some traveling.

My Passion

My passion has always been my family, my love of the outdoors and practicing medicine. I consider medicine the most exciting, challenging and rewarding vocation on the planet. This was apparently very evident to my family as all three of my children Amy, Sarah and Ben went into medicine. I am very happy to be able to hand off my 38-year-old practice to my daughter, Sarah.

Family physicians get to know you and your needs, and cover all areas of general health. Their practice includes pediatric and adolescent health, women’s and men’s health, gynecology, aging issues and office-based surgery.

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