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Amy Gartner, CRNA

Published March 2024 | In Spring 2024

Amy leads a team of 50 certified registered nurse anesthetists who work at three different Monument Health facilities.

Amy Gartner, CRNA Media

My role
As Director of Anesthesia services, I serve as a leader of change and advocate of quality care. Strategic thinking and teamwork are essential components to managing anesthesia services for multiple operating rooms, endoscopy suites and a wide variety of procedural areas outside of the main OR. Our service covers Rapid City Hospital, the Orthopedic & Specialty Hospital and Same Day Surgery Center. I work in collaboration with CRNAs, anesthesiologists, surgeons, department leaders and organizational administrators to ensure OR productivity, customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance and positive patient outcomes. Along with managing day-to-day operations, I also oversee budgets.

My goal
My goal is to continue leading a team of anesthesia professionals that provide high-quality care to patients of all ages. It is important for me to support my team and help others understand the significance of our work and its impact on hospital operations. CRNAs are Board Certified Advanced Practice Providers that are specifically trained in the delivery of anesthesia. Our CRNAs are continuously at the patient’s side while they undergo their procedure. We are responsible for monitoring, putting the patient to sleep, insertion of advanced airways, titration of medications, pain management and ensuring the patient’s safe emergence from their anesthetic. Our goal is to ensure our patients are safe and remain sedated and pain-free during surgical procedures.

My passion
I am most passionate about building a team that sets the bar high in providing exceptional patient care. We strive to meet and exceed organizational goals. We work in the Anesthesia Care Team model and embrace the collegial relationship built with the anesthesiologist at West River Anesthesia. Collaboration between CRNAs and anesthesiologists in delivery of care contributes to the positive outcomes of our patients.

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