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Volunteer Profile: Lori Burnham

Published April 2022 | In Spring 2022

Starting the volunteer program at Monument Health Custer Hospital may have been a lot of work, but to Lori Burnham, it was worth the effort.

Volunteer Profile: Lori Burnham Media

Lori Burnham started at Monument Health almost 18 years ago as a transcriptionist, holding multiple roles over the years. Now, she's a patient access specialist and the volunteer coordinator for Monument Health hospital volunteer program, which launched in August 2021.

What organizations do you volunteer with and why?

At Monument Health I started as a volunteer captain for Relay for Life and the American Heart Association Heart Walk. With Southern Hills United Way, I’ve acted as a hospital representative on the board, run our hospital campaign and I’m currently serving as the cabinet chair. In this role, I am most proud of the strides we’ve made with the Month of Caring and the Lip Sync Battle fundraiser.

Why do you think it is important to give back to the community?

As members of a community, I think it is important to give back by volunteering. We have events in our community that just would not happen without people stepping up to volunteer.

How do you think volunteering makes you a better caregiver?

Giving back through volunteering makes me feel good. I may not have much money, but I have time and the desire to help others. I think volunteering makes us better as a community, and I think that carries over into my job as a caregiver.

One of Lori Burnham’s goals is to complete the Master Health Volunteer certification program through South Dakota State University, allowing her to start additional volunteer programs.

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