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Volunteer Profile: Konnie Sorensen

Published August 2022 | In Summer 2022

Managing volunteers at Monument Health Rapid City Hospital may sound like a challenging job, but for Konnie Sorensen it's incredibly rewarding.

Volunteer Profile: Konnie Sorensen Media

Konnie Sorensen understands that the impact of volunteering just three to four hours per week can make a lasting impact on patients’ health. Just as important, the rewards that Monument Health's volunteers feel keep them coming back week after week.

What is your role at Monument Health?

As Manager of Volunteer Services at Rapid City Hospital, I engage our volunteers in activities that are rewarding for them and beneficial for our hospital and community. Our volunteers are part of a legacy of volunteerism that spans back several generations.

What is it like to volunteer for Monument Health?

Our community members come here to serve because they know they are making a difference for others. We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves, and our lives are enriched by experiencing human connection. I believe our volunteers feel personal reward when receiving gratitude from the people they are helping.

Who makes a great volunteer?

You make a great volunteer! People with big hearts, who are kind and compassionate, and who enjoy helping others. Patients and families coming to the hospital may be experiencing a difficult time in their lives. Having a friendly volunteer sharing kindness and a smile can have a positive impact on their experience.

How can I become a volunteer? 

We always have space on our team for new volunteers! We have an online application form on our website. Each volunteer receives specific training for their role, everyone has orientation and a background screening to ensure the safety of our patients and volunteers.

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