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Volunteer Profile: Bobbi Jean Jarvinen

Published April 2022 | In Spring 2022

Bobbi Jean is one of Monument Health’s most active volunteers. On top of her full-time role with Information Technology she also has volunteered more than 260 hours of her time since July 1, and logged more than 600 volunteer hours in Fiscal Year 2021.

Volunteer Profile: Bobbi Jean Jarvinen Media

Bobbi Jean joined Monument Health nearly 25 years ago in Information Technology. Currently her job is to help our operational areas prepare for IT outages — whether planned or unplanned.

What community organizations are you involved with?

I mostly volunteer with the Black Hills Area Boy Scouts and various groups that support the homeless community in our area. I serve on the Black Hills Regional Homeless Coalition board. Also, as a member of the former Rapid City Community Conversations group I am working to focus my volunteer time toward trying to heal some of the trauma the region faced that continues to impact the indigenous people today.

What drives you to volunteer?

My hope is to create a safe place for kids in our community. I want to make sure that kids know there are adults who they can trust and count on to be there for them. That there are safe places for those who need it, and opportunities to grow.

How do you think volunteering makes you a better caregiver?

First, you get to know what’s going on in your community and what makes your community special. Second, volunteering to help an underserved population gives you a glimpse into their life and allows you to better understand what it’s like to be in their situation. Health care doesn’t just mean band-aids and surgery, it means making a difference in our community.

Bobbi Jean’s drive for volunteering comes from her desire to help children have the resources and opportunities they need to have a happy childhood.

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