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Physician Profile: Sarah Lewis, D.O.

Published January 2022 | In Winter 2021

Dr. Lewis grew up watching her father’s dedication to his patients, and she looks forward to continuing to provide them with the level of care they’ve come to expect.

Physician Profile: Sarah Lewis, D.O. Media

My Role

I am a mother, wife, resident physician, athlete and learning enthusiast.

My Goal

My goal in my personal life is to raise kind humans who will care about their impact on other people, our society, the planet and who will know how to work hard. My professional goals are to be a medical “home” for my patients; to maintain my dad’s practice as a place of continuity, to serve as an up-to-date resource for my patients and to have a relationship with each person that trusts me with their health or the health of a loved one. A well-trained family medicine physician should be able to take care of 85-90 percent of the health care needs of their patients. My dad does this and it is my goal to get there.

My Passion

My passion is self-improvement. Growing up, work ethic was non-negotiable with my dad. He was a “hard dad” and enforced the rule that when you commit to something, you commit whole-heartedly. Early in life he was my basketball coach, which meant practicing every day, all year, not only when it was convenient. Shooting hoops under the garage light with dad was a routine occurrence — which is pretty remarkable considering how horrible my shot was and the hours he was working. Later, in medical school and intern year, when time is a precious commodity, self-improvement meant sacrificing sleep hours to take care of myself physically. Diet and exercise are important to me personally and in educating my patients.

“The importance of self-improvement is exemplified by my dad, who rarely skips a morning of his weights, sit-ups, running in his younger years and more recently, walking. In medicine, self-improvement means constantly seeking information and regularly engaging in the practice of cognitive autopsy – how can I constantly be improving as a physician. My dad is an astute diagnostician, and I love talking through cases with him. He is my sounding board; there is no substitute for 40 years of experience,” Dr. Sarah Lewis.

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