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Physician Profile: Rachel Michael, M.D.

Published November 2022 | In Fall 2022

Dr. Michael specializes in general orthopedics and is passionate about helping people live their lives to the fullest. Whether it’s treating trauma cases or performing joint replacement surgery, Dr. Michael wants to ensure her patients have the best possible orthopedic care.

Physician Profile: Rachel Michael, M.D. Media

My Role

I am a general orthopedic surgeon, so I evaluate and diagnose complaints involving the musculoskeletal system, come up with a treatment plan and help patients move and feel better through surgery and collaboration with other orthopedic specialists. I focus largely on pediatric orthopedics, trauma, hand, and hip and knee replacement. 

My Goal

I provide a caring experience to adults and kids requiring orthopedic services in the Black Hills. I’m also excited to provide outreach orthopedic services to Monument Health Custer and Hot Springs clinics. I always aim to provide the highest-quality care possible, so that my patients have less pain and can return to active lifestyles doing things that they enjoy.

My Passion 

I enjoy serving my community. I am passionate about serving my patients and I want them to know that I am willing to do the work to get them back to living their full lives. Being able to work with a variety of patients in our area is such an incredible opportunity. Outside of work, I love spending time traveling, reading, hiking and practicing yoga.

At Monument Health, you’ll receive high-quality care by a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and a comprehensive team of trained orthopedic specialists. With our years of experience, we are proud to offer a fast track of comprehensive care with services such as same-day total joint replacement focused on getting you back home again.