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Physician Profile: Kyle Schmidt, M.D.

Published October 2021 | In Fall 2021

Sometimes tough decisions really do require “brain surgery.” Luckily, Dr. Schmidt has that covered.

Physician Profile: Kyle Schmidt, M.D. Media

Originally from northwest Nebraska, Dr. Schmidt chose to practice in the Black Hills and provide services to the people in the surrounding communities. When he’s not with patients or working you can find Dr. Schmidt back home in Nebraska helping out on the farm.

My Role

Is to provide surgical options for brain, spine and peripheral nerve conditions in both elective and emergency situations. Because nervous system disorders are so complex, I am part of a team that works with nervous system tumors, traumatic brain or spine injuries, degenerative spine disease, movement disorders, hemorrhagic stroke and pain disorders.

My Goal

Is to discuss all options with patients being evaluated for a neurosurgical condition and have an honest conversation about their treatment goals. Brain and spine surgery is not without risk and developing a treatment plan tailored to each patient’s individual scenario and their goals of care is of the utmost importance.

My Passion

I am most passionate about working with traumatic brain and spine injury patients. These are life-changing events for patients and their families. Obviously no one wakes up planning to have an emergency consultation with a neurosurgeon. We work with our patients and their families so that they understand the options available to them. It is important for patients and their families to understand that even a successful surgery may not always result in the quality of life a patient desires. We strive to ensure families are comfortable with their decision to proceed or not proceed with aggressive care in these life-changing situations.

Monument Health’s neurosurgery team combine the latest proven techniques with state-of-the-art equipment, infrastructure, staffing and training to restore quality of life.

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