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Physician Profile: Hunter Moyer, M.D.

Published July 2021 | In Summer 2021

For Dr. Moyer, plastic surgery isn’t just about enhancing appearance. It’s a way to ensure that patients not only look their best, but feel their best as well.

Physician Profile: Hunter Moyer, M.D. Media

Dr. Moyer believes that medicine is a collaborative effort between physicians and patients. After moving to Rapid City four years ago, he started a monthly surgeons’ journal club to improve physician education through collaboration and study of the latest advancements in surgery. Through this endeavor he has learned that few patients need to travel to receive the highest level of care.

My Role

I am the plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Monument Health providing both cosmetic and reconstructive care for patients of the Black Hills and beyond. Our mission is to restore physical and emotional health after pregnancy, trauma or cancer removal. We know the road to recovery can be a difficult fight, and we strive to support our patients along every step.

My Goal

To provide the safest and most advanced care for you and your loved ones. Undergoing surgery can be a frightening time, and it is our goal to ensure that patients are informed and take part in the decisionmaking. We also focus on results through continued learning and adopting the latest surgical techniques. Outside of the hospital, I am focused on my family and our church. I have found that being a father and spiritual man has enhanced my ability to care for patients well beyond the operating room.

My Passion

I enjoy all plastic surgery procedures, but I have a true passion for breast cancer reconstruction. My wife underwent bilateral mastectomies followed by breast reconstruction seven years ago, and her battle helped me to understand the daily trials that our patients and their families endure. Healing is much more than surgery alone, and a surgeon has to be more than a technician. When I am not in the hospital, you can find me coaching our boys’ soccer teams or traveling to foreign countries enjoying various peoples and cultures. Our goal is to open our eyes to the unbelievable beauty and value of this world.

Reconstructive surgery can restore and improve body function and correct appearance issues caused by trauma or medical conditions.