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Physician Profile: Helen Frederickson, M.D., ACOG

Published December 2020 | In Winter 2020

Since 2001, Dr. Frederickson has been helping women battle gynecological cancer at the Cancer Care Institute. With advances in research, technology and resources she is showing no signs of slowing.

Physician Profile: Helen Frederickson, M.D., ACOG Media

My Role

To provide quality gynecologic oncology care for the women of the Black Hills through all stages. I couldn’t do my job without the support of a comprehensive team. My nurse, Wendy Van Loan and all of the nurses at the Cancer Care Institute as well as the dedicated oncology nurses and staff on the oncology floor help me deliver the best care I can give. Dr. Daniel Petereit and the wonderful radiation staff provide world class radiation therapy for our patients and are a crucial part of our team. I am grateful for all of the providers at the Cancer Care Institute who make caring for our patients possible, especially our director, Kristi Gylten. 

My Goal

To provide quality, continuous care for my patients as long as I am able to provide this service. The environment I choose to create is one where my patients feel supported in every aspect of their oncology treatment.

I want my patients to know they can trust their care and have the ability to reach out to me at any time. 

Gynecologic Oncology is the treatment of patients with primary gynecologic malignancies, including cervical cancer, ovarian, primary peritoneal cancers, vulvar/ vaginal cancers and endometrial cancers. Gynecologic oncologists are trained to care for the whole patient, including surgery, chemotherapy, palliative care for gynecologic oncology patients as well as hospice care. The safe, excellent trustworthy care of our patients is the ideal environment that we strive for in my practice.

My Passion

My patients and my husband are my greatest passion. I especially enjoy providing surgical services to my patients that I also follow during their cancer treatments.

Continuity of care is very important to me. I also enjoy traveling to different countries and regions when I am able.

Gynecological cancers affects over 90,000 women in the United States every year.

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