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Physician Profile: Heather Brewer, M.D.

Published April 2021 | In Spring 2021

In the course of her career, Dr. Heather Brewer has delivered over 3,000 babies and counting. Now she’s closing in on a new accomplishment — delivering the babies of patients she delivered.

Physician Profile: Heather Brewer, M.D. Media

My Role

I am a board certified OB/GYN who has been practicing with Monument Health in Spearfish since 2004. I currently serve as the program director for the Women’s and Children’s program in Spearfish, and also serve on several committees and boards, including the Monument Health Network Board.

My Goal

In my practice, my goal is to provide a full spectrum of women’s health care, from obstetrics to gynecology, including gynecologic surgery. It’s very rewarding for me to be able to help patients — medically or surgically — who have complications that are significantly affecting their daily lives.

Her practice includes low and high-risk obstetrics and benign gynecologic care including infertility, incontinence and pelvic reconstruction. She practices at the Monument Health Spearfifish Clinic on North Avenue.

My Passion

I enjoy delivering babies the most — helping couples create a family is a huge honor. Being a mother myself, I know that having a baby can be scary and anxiety-provoking, so being able to be the physician to take care of families through this process is gratifying. Practicing in a small community, I am able to see some of these families regularly and watch their kids grow up. I grew up in Spearfish and am very invested in my community and the people here.

From prenatal classes, infertility evaluations and lactation support, Monument Health’s obstetrics professionalsprovide care for every stage of starting a family.