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Physician Profile: Chad Storch, D.O., MPH

Published October 2021 | In Fall 2021

With 21 years of experience in the United States Navy, and over 25 years of experience in hospital and clinic settings, Dr. Storch is exactly who you need to make sure your employees can meet the physical demands of the job.

Physician Profile: Chad Storch, D.O., MPH Media

When companies and employees need specific services like Department of Transportation physicals, return to work evaluations and other medical services, it’s important to have a health care provider with flexible hours and expert staff to meet your needs with as little disruption as possible.

My Role

I am board-certified in both Aerospace Medicine and Occupational Medicine. I primarily provide a variety of physical exams, including pre-employment and post-offer physical exams, Department of Transportation Medical Certification exams, Federal Aviation Administration Medical Certification exams and Workers’ Compensation evaluations.

My Goal

Is safety through medical excellence, commitment and teamwork. I am dedicated to working hand-in-hand with my patients and going the extra mile to keep workers working, drivers driving and flyers flying.

My Passion

I am passionate about my profession, but I’m also happy on the golf course, at the shooting range, on the bike trail or in the air. I truly enjoy the healthy work-life balance I’ve been afforded here in Rapid City at Monument Health.

Occupational medicine is focused on treating work-related illnesses or injuries. Our caregivers will help you return to work quickly — but more importantly — safely.