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Our Space: Printing Services

Published April 2021 | In Spring 2021

Larry Mills, Jose Huertas and Pattie Paulsen touch every aspect of Monument Health’s printed communication, running a full-service print shop within Monument Health.

Our Space: Printing Services Media

Monument Health’s print shop has been operating since 1979. They process around 75 jobs a week, including everything from business cards to 70-foot banners.

Our Role

It’s our job to make sure every print job looks professional and leaves our shop in a timely manner. We ensure we are creating a finished product of the caliber our community deserves.

Our Goal

We understand that being a patient isn’t easy; time spent here can be some of the most stressful parts of people’s lives. Our goal is to present information in a way that simplifies and eases a patient’s situation so they can focus on the important things.

Most visitors will see their work in the community as banners for local services such as testing locations. Inside Monument Health, they print location posters and maps found in lobbies, as well as information pamphlets and the forms patients fill out prior to an appointment. The printers also work behind the scenes putting out internal communications such as meeting notices and letters, and take care of administrative duties such as business cards for caregivers.

Our Passion

Working with the marketing team, we enjoy taking a product from the initial design to the final print. From selecting the right material to overcoming unforeseen environmental effects. It’s different every time, but we love the challenge of making sure each print is engaging and thoughtful.