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My Space: Paige Whitacre

Published April 2023 | In Spring 2023

My Space: Paige Whitacre, Manager, Communications Center and Security Dispatch Center. The Communications Center is a 24/7, 365-day operation and plays a crucial role in keeping everyone connected and informed of emergency situations.

My Space: Paige Whitacre  Media

My Role

I am privileged to partner with caregivers and providers from all specialties across our system to help communicate any emergencies and work through any process improvement opportunities. My teams are part of Safety Services, which means when an emergency call comes in, all other calls go on hold.

My Goal

To provide support to our community, patients and caregivers through compassion. Our willingness to relieve the suffering of others builds trust with each other and our community. We do that by listening and taking appropriate action to get them the help needed. Most people who call the hospital are looking for help; my goal is to live up to that basic expectation.

My Passion

My passion is being prepared for emergency situations and knowing our hospitals are prepared. I love the partnership between so many departments to help support their communication needs when it’s most important. I enjoy being part of something with such a huge impact, yet totally behind the scenes. The heart of everything we do is for the people we serve.

The Communications Center caregivers answer around 33,000 calls per month — this includes about 4,600 emergency calls. Emergencies include paging physicians and caregivers if a patient is having an emergency, when critical tests results are ready, if security is needed or if there is a natural disaster. The Communications Center responds to emergency situations to ensure they are communicated to the proper teams, such as a Rapid Response or Fire.

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