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My Space: Eric Brouillette

Published February 2023 | In Winter 2023

Eric Brouillette’s position takes him all around Monument Health’s northern communities where he works to support fellow Monument Health caregivers.

My Space: Eric Brouillette Media

My Role

I am currently in the Human Resources Department as an HR Business Partner, supporting the Northern Hills Market. This includes all hospitals and clinics in the Lead-Deadwood, Sturgis, Spearfish and Belle Fourche communities. As an HR Business Partner, I provide consultation and support to our leaders and caregivers on all HR matters ranging from employee relations, staffing needs, policy interpretation, coaching, performance management and many more.


My Goal

I strive to bring a positive energy to our Northern Hills locations for both leaders and caregivers. Every day I ensure that I am a trusted partner for our teams, whatever the issue may be. My goal is to aid the organization by supporting leadership strategically and to help our caregivers through all situations relating to Human Resources. I take pride in responding to and getting answers out in a timely manner. If I don’t have an in-depth answer to a caregiver’s question, I am proud to be part of a phenomenal team of HR professionals who also provide their input and support to ensure we are meeting our client’s needs.


My Passion

My passion is driven by knowing the work I do strategically supports our leaders and caregivers so they can provide the best care to our patients. I think a lot of people view human resources as a tough role, but I view it as a way to ensure Monument Health is a great workplace for our caregivers, who are our most valuable asset. I believe strongly in upholding and supporting Monument Health’s mission, vision and values so we can collectively grow together in the same direction and strive toward the same goals.


Monument Health’s human resources teams deal with everything worker related. This includes talent acquisition, training and development, promoting and onboarding, as well as dealing with employee health, morale and engagement.

Other teams and departments that fall under the human resources umbrella include the Total Rewards program (which deals with caregiver benefits and compensation), Enterprise Resource Planning, the System Workforce Service Center and Child Care. The total department is comprised of more than 65 caregivers across the system.

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