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My Space: Deb Himrich, RN

Published November 2022 | In Fall 2022

Deb is passionate about teaching people with diabetes how to live a healthy and full life. With improvements in technology and research, diabetes management strategies have never been more customizable and effective for patients.

My Space: Deb Himrich, RN Media

My Role

I am a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist in the Endocrinology Department. Diabetes educators provide the knowledge and tools to help patients with diabetes live well and make informed decisions about their health. This includes learning about the disease itself, exploring available treatment options and training patients to use diabetes devices such as blood glucose meters, continuous glucose monitors and insulin pens and pumps. We teach problem-solving strategies and healthy coping skills to help patients live healthy, active lives.

My Goal

Each person is unique, and my department’s goal is to individualize care and provide assistance, support and compassion to help patients be successful in self-managing their disease. Diabetes can be a complex and overwhelming disease, and the number of people with diabetes is increasing. Many people don’t realize all the changes that have taken place, especially over the past 10 years, with medications, technology and the disease itself.

My Passion

Making a positive difference with my patients and caregivers is my passion. I work with great teams in Diabetes Education and Endocrinology. They all provide great care and support to patients and providers. Being able to assist them and help with their work is important, as they are amazing people to work with.

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