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My Space: Danny Morris

Published April 2023 | In Spring 2023

My Space: Danny Morris, Valet Supervisor, Rapid City Hospital. Rapid City Guest Services offers free valet services to Rapid City Hospital patients and their families at both the Cancer Care Institute and the Fifth Street Entrance. While most people think of valet services only being available at high-end restaurants or hotels, Monument Health believes its patients are VIPs who deserve this curbside service.

My Space: Danny Morris Media

My Role

I have been with Monument Health for 23 years, and my current role as Valet Supervisor is to help ensure patients’ cars are safely parked at Rapid City Hospital. Many patients tell us getting to and from their appointments would be much more challenging without this service. It’s especially helpful during the cold winter months.

My Goal

At the end of the day, if I can help a patient feel like a VIP, I have achieved my goal. I hope I can put a smile on everyone’s face who I come in contact with, and hopefully that will set a standard for the rest of their visit. My team and I are very dedicated to creating a positive experience for patients.

My Passion

At the end of the day, I feel good knowing I was part of caring for our patients and their families. Outside of work, I enjoy camping and taking our Jeep throughout the Black Hills. My wife and I just became first-time grandparents; I’m looking forward to this new adventure.

For many, the valet is the first and last caregiver a patient will see during their visit to Rapid City Hospital. Their kindness and customer service can help set the tone for the patient visit. On an average month, Valet Services park and retrieve 2,800 cars and help welcome 2,100 patients — this includes assisting with wheelchairs when necessary.

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