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My Space: Carla Stark

Published January 2022 | In Winter 2021

Settling in at Monument Health — and in the Black Hills — is different for each new physician. Regardless of what assistance they need, Carla is here to help.

My Space: Carla Stark Media

In 2022, Carla will retire after 34 years with Monument Health. She served as the Clinic Director for 11 specialties as Rapid City Regional Hospital was making the transition to outpatient services in the 1990s. She has been an integral part of the leadership that saw 10 existing medical practices join the organization during her tenure, and she has actively recruited and onboarded more than 335 physicians to Monument Health.

My Role

As the Provider Relations Manager, I work with all physicians who are being  recruited to Monument Heath. I onboard each new physician, which includes processes like credentialing and privileging, licensing, making relocation arrangements, orientation and in some cases immigration needs. Each physician is unique and I support them throughout the recruitment process which can take a few months to several years.

My Goal

The recruitment and onboarding process is the first impression a physician has of Monument Health. My goal is to build a positive relationship with potential physicians by supporting and assisting them in any way I can. The journey to bring on a physician has many moving parts and I work alongside them to help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

My Passion

I truly enjoy working with physicians and being their “go-to” person for any questions, before their employment and long afterwards. This is a very exciting time in their life, for some the beginning of their career. Most importantly, it gives me great satisfaction to know that I have had a role in bringing a physician to Monument Health and the Black Hills who will care for my family, my friends, my neighbors and the communities that we serve. At the end of the day this is what is most important.

Delivering high-quality care is one of Monument Health’s priorities. To fulfill that goal, we are committed to recruiting and hiring the best and brightest physicians from around the world.

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