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Brett Sterkel

Published February 2023 | In Winter 2023

Collaboration between physicians and caregivers is crucial, and Monument Health’s case managers ensure the treatment plan includes everything — and everyone — that it should.

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My Role

Nurse case managers assess all patients in the inpatient setting to ensure they move smoothly across the continuum of care. As they move from emergency care to more long-term treatment, we create and update their care plan. As a lead case manager, I serve as a resource, advisor and mentor to the case management team, which includes RNs, social workers, case management assistants and transportation coordinators. My role includes partnering with hospitalists to serve as a liaison and resource. I also collaborate with the interdisciplinary care team to help patients and families understand why they are admitted and what their plan of care is while hospitalized as well as coordinate a safe discharge plan.


My Goal

I strive to help every patient have a safe discharge, as well as guide them through complex medical decisions. My hope is that we can improve their quality of life and their success outside of the hospital.  As a lead case manager, it is important to me to inspire my teammates through mentoring so they can develop their skills and we can positively impact as many patients and families as possible.

My Passion

Being a patient advocate is something I’m extremely passionate about. I find value in being able to support patients and families through stressful situations by listening to them, understanding their point of view and outlining the next steps so the process seems more manageable.

Case Management is a patient-centered partnership that extends across the continuum of care. Identifying any non-medical factors that influence the patient’s health, recognizing their autonomy and understanding their goals of care are at the center of this work. Case Management works with physicians and the multidisciplinary team to develop a plan that is safe, efficient and cost-effective.

Monument Health is fortunate to have Case Managers with expertise throughout the system such as Sara Snow, who is the Sturgis Hospital Case Manager, and Kim Jenson, who serves our patients on the ambulatory Case Management team.